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5 Easy Ways For Nonprofits and Charities to Fundraise this Ramadhan

10 April 2021

Here are five easy ways charities and non-profits can jump-start their fundraising efforts this Ramadhan.

1. Get Social!
Connection is the key today. The silver lining to this dark cloud of COVID-19, is leveraging social media to connect. Posting small tidbits of micro-content regularly reminds your followers of the work you do, or rather the impact they are making through donating. This keeps your organization top of mind when it’s time to give.

2. Set up a recurring monthly donor program this Ramadhan.
Leverage the spirit of giving in this blessed month to launch your supporters on an automatic monthly donation program that brings in donations throughout the year. Recurring donor programs can very quickly become one of your best fundraising tools. It’s easy, low maintenance and cost-effective.

3. Get Mobile!
Tap into the global addiction to smartphones and make sure your website and donation portals are easy to use on mobile devices. Having a custom app developed for your organization makes donating easy. You can even have your app send push notifications to keep in touch, offer thanks, and remind donors of the impact of their dollars. The benefits of app donation portals are endless, and range from automated tax receipts, capturing mobile phone numbers for future communication, and connecting with donors through chat support.

Ramadhan Fundraising

4. Keep in touch with donors!
SMS communication is a unique, untapped way to keep in touch and stand out amid the barrage of appeals to donate. In addition to SMS messaging, sending out regular email marketing newsletters with brief, mobile optimized, easy to skim content, keeps your supporters informed of how their dollars are bringing change, and keeps you top of mind. When supporters use their mobile phones to place a donation, you can respond in kind by sending them an SMS message of thanks. Mobile communication allows you to keep in contact throughout the year.

5. Leverage the power of video marketing!
Tell the story of how your supporters’ donations are making a tangible difference around the world in real people’s lives. There is something about video, more than text and pictures, that touches the heart and creates a longing to be a part of the solution. Producing an inspiring 2 to 3 minute video, posting it on your social media platforms with a call to action that links to your Ramadhan donation landing pages, has the potential to further increase your donor-base and achieve your fundraising goals.