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5 Reasons to Give Charity in Ramadan, Before it’s too Late!

07 May 2021

Only a few days remain of Ramadan 2021, which means there are only a few chances left to leverage the multiplied reward of giving in charity. Check out the below 5 reasons to give before the month elapses completely!

1. The Best Time Is NOW (literally)

 “The best kind of charity is in Ramadhan” – Prophet Muhammad. Take advantage of these precious few days left and give. Set yourself up on an automated program to give a little every day of this Ramadhan. Your spiritual high in Ramadan comes from the pinch in your stomach and the pinch in your wallet.

2. Give Relief From Global Crises

COVID-19 outbreaks, the Yemen Crisis, Rohingya refugee camps, and the internal displacement crisis in Syria are just a few areas of disorder, chaos and despair that plagues the world today. The plight is worse than ever today, and the number of people in desperate need is overwhelming.

India is going through the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreak, leading the world in daily new COVID-19 infections: One in every two new COVID-19 infections each day are in India, with over 350 000 new infections a day. 

Above information is correct as at: 7th May 2021

After six years of war, Yemen is in a worse situation. Families are staring starvation in the face everyday, with one child dying every ten minutes from a preventable disease.  

Rohingya Muslims who have fled genocide in Myanmar in 2017 are now living in the largest, most densely packed refugee camps in the world. Unhygienic conditions, improper sewage disposal, shortage of clean water, malnutrition, crowding and the upcoming monsoon season make the threat of disease outbreaks seem inevitable. 

After a decade of war, Syria is faced with over 7 million internally displaced people, most of whom face food shortages, with shelter, healthcare, sanitation, water and food shortages.  

3. Take The Uphill Road and Become Immortal

In Surah Balad (90) of the Holy Qur’an, Allah challenges us to take the “uphill road”, to do a good deed in His name which is exceptionally generous, like giving someone food when you are hungry. Take advantage of your 3pm grumbling stomach these last few days of Ramadan and accept the challenge to do the most unselfish deed. 

We all wish deep down inside to leave an impact, a legacy when we die. This Ramadhan, donate to a charity like a school or educational program that will earn you that continued reward (Sadaqa Jariyya) after you pass.

4. Make Your Family’s Eid Gift More Meaningful

What do you give someone who already has everything? If you find yourself asking this question when searching for an Eid gift, consider giving the gift of a charitable donation, its benefit will be felt in this world, and the next. 

5. Remember Those Who Have Passed 

Losing a loved one is never easy. Whether it was this year, or ten years back, their memory is with you everyday, especially in Ramadan and at Eid. Giving in charity on behalf of a loved one you have lost is the best way to send them your love. 

With the last few days of Ramadan at hand, the chances to leverage the month of charity are lessening.  Act now, and set up automated donations for these last few days. Seize the moment, and you will thank yourself later, guaranteed.

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